A Farm Euphoria

After countless hours sprawling the internet for content for this blog and what would be the perfect first post to set a precedence for the coming posts to come. During this time I found an extraordinary ranch in Banhoek, South Africa owned by Dané Erwee y Chris Willemse . The magnificent home was built by South African architect Henri Conri who whose insight came from “A modern exterior and farmhouse inside.” Not taking advantage of the breathtaking landscape outside, Conri integrates the home with large windows and big open spaces where the outdoors can been seen from any room inside.

The quirky aesthetic has a certain character to the home that is nothing short of intriguing and inviting. not surprising, as every single detail was not overlooked with the every artifact placed in the home, having told a story from their travels together.

Modern Farmhouse Modern FarmhouseModern Farmhouse   Modern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse Modern FarmhouseModern FarmhouseModern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse

Images from Neuvo Estilo


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