A holiday apartment located in Barcelona, Spain and designed by CaSA Colombo and Serboli Architecture in collaboration with Margherita Serbol.  The property is housed within an Art Nouveau building in Barcelona’s Eixample district.

Featured in one of my most coveted architecture and interior design website, Design Milk. The beautifully clean design is contrasted with joyful tones of pastels throughout the apartment. The hexagonal floors are cleverly accented in the colour pallet in the kitchen and bedroom.  A 60s design, with a modern twist.

Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-1   Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-4-600x399  Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-2-600x322Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-5

Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-6 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-7

The white SMEG fridge is extremely retro and fits perfectly in with the colour scheme and decor of the room. I would happily cook in this kitchen any day….

Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-8 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-9 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-10 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-11 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-12 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-13 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-14 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-16 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-17 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-18 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-19 Tyche-Apartment-Colombo-Serboli-CaSA-20

Images via Design Milk.


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